Save Me Storm

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I really like the song “Don’t Save Me” by Haim, so I convinced Aubree who had never heard the song before to just go with the flow and lets see what happens. This is the one and only take we did, no rehearsal, no planning. I simply said, listen to the music, feel the warmth of the light on your face and please don’t hit the camera.

This was shot hand held with a Red Rock shoulder mount with follow focus.
I used a 7″ monitor to attempt to pull focus while we both danced.
5D MK3 – 1600 iso/50 shutter/F4.0/6800 balance.
This video has no additional color grading, this is raw.
(2) 1k’s and (1) 650. I shaped the lights to create a unique look.
The 650 was raked across the top to hit Aubree’s hair when she crossed in front of its path. The (2) 1k’s were 30 feet apart, with barn doors turned clockwise to give two long up and down streaks across the room. Their paths were then spread out by about 18 inches. This allowed us to move from darkness into different amounts of light. I didn’t use any filters or a matt box on the camera to allow lens flares to manipulate the image. As we all do every time we do anything, this we a great learning experience. I figured out some really cool techniques. A big thanks Brent and Aubree.

  • Date: Jan 2014
  • Client: @aubreestorm
  • Filed under: Music Videos, The American Dream